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Now that you know a lot about how canvas works, lets explore what it's actually good for and some useful libraries.

Graphs and Charts

RGraph is a free for personal use charting library for canvas. It has many different chart forms.

ZingChart is a hosted charting library with a visual builder. It renders in many different output formats, including Canvas, and can handle large datasets.

Game Engines

Wolfenstein 3D recreated in canvas.

Opera Dev Article

Akihabara Game Engine

ImpactJS: fast commercial game engine

Cocos2D: partial javascript port of the Cocos iPhone SDK

Pirates Love Daises is a tower defense game done entirely in canvas.

Drawing Programs

Muro: Deviant Art's webbased painting program.

SketchPad: another drawing program with a very classy UI

Custom Fonts

Ben Joffe's canvas font script. Converts a font on your computer into an image which can be rendered with canvas. This lets you use a custom font on computers that don't have that actual font installed.

A canvas enriched children's poem. The text is markup and the graphics are in a transparent canvas.
Josh On Design

Tools and Libraries

EaselJS: A graphics library loosely based on Flash's display list. Easel JS

A javascript port of the Java Processing graphics library. Great for interactive displays and art.
Processing JS

Kapi: a keyframing javascript library.

canvg: an SVG renderer built with canvas

Pixastic is a photo editor and image processing library. It has tons of Photoshop style filter effects

Visual Tools

Hype by Tumultco, a commercial drawing and animation tool which outputs straight HTML 5

Amino : open source JavaScript and Java scenegraph.

Leonardo Sketch: open source drawing tool which outputs to canvas and Amino code, among other formats. It is extensible and has some neat social features.

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