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HTML Canvas Deep Dive

What you are reading is an ebook experiment. It is built to showcase the power of modern web standards with interactive electronic texts. Everything you see is done with HTML, CSS and Javascript; bundled into book form with open source tools. Read by scrolling down through each chapter or using the navigation footer at the bottom of the screen.

This book is an EverBook, my term for a book which is complete but will continue to be updated. Since it is sold as an app you will receive free updates forever. Just check in your device's app store / catalog. If you find a bug or want me to cover a new feature, please let me know on my blog or Twitter.

HTML Canvas is an amazing drawing technology built into all modern web browsers. With Canvas you can draw shapes, manipulate photos, build games, and animate virtually anything; all with proper web standards. You can even create mobile apps with it.

HTML Canvas Deep Dive is a hands on introduction to Canvas. Code along with the book and play with interactive examples. When you finish reading this short tome you will have the skills to make charts, effects, diagrams, and games that integrate into your existing web content.

This book is organized into two kinds of sections. There are reading portions where I describe how an API works and give you interactive examples. Then there are hands on lessons for you to walk through and build your own canvas apps. The code to these sections is available for you to download and walk through on your own computer. In terms of skill you only need to know some basic javascript and HTML. All you need on your computer is a copy of Chrome or Safari and your favorite text editor. Canvas is very easy to work with: no IDEs required.

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