Webstart Rant

Send me your ideas of what you'd like to see out of webstart. What are the missing features. What are the most important bugs? I want to figure out what we can do through addons and what requires changes from Sun.

This is what I'd like to see:

  • Better icon support. Make the width/height attributes do something, like select the right icon for the right job. If the desktop uses 48x48 icons, use the <icon width="48" height="48"> first. Let the jnlp file include platform specific icons too. Also, support PNG w/ transparency. Java apps still look inferior to native ones with such awful icon and splash screen support.

  • Create a SocketService to ask the user for permission to contact a site, and let the program spell out a reason why. Remember that permission in the future. (Think of the OS X keychain).

  • More demonstration applications. There should be a top quality example app that looks great, runs fast, and exercises all of the Web Start features. The source should be available and well documented. Pay someone to do this if you have to.

  • A sample self-contained JSP that implements the webstart/jre autodetection and autodownload. The current document is spotty and scattered. This should be super easy to drop into your existing website.

  • A set of standard button icon for Webstart. Similar to the and

    width="88" height="31" border="0" alt="Get Firefox">. This is important both for branding and functional reasons.

  • More of a general Swing issue. A set of standard icons for applications to use. This is a good (though very unpublicized) start, but we need more. It should be a quick jar download from an icons.dev.java.net project and be community extendable. They should be platform independent and look reasonable good on all of them (Win, OSX, and Gnome/KDE). A hard task, I know, but not impossible. With a set of templates and PSD files it's actually quite easy for members of the community to add new icons.

  • Okay. Thanks.

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    Posted October 25th, 2004

    Tagged: java.net