No Session-y Goodness for Me.

As many of you have discovered, your submissions to JavaOne were rejected. Don't feel bad. Only one of my 6 proposals were accepted, and I'm now a Sun employee myself. I the competition was fierce. The upside is we should have a really rocking JavaOne conference coming up.

I've finally gotten my HR forms filled out, found a desk, and gotten my citizenship confirmed so that I can get my badge and secure card. More than anything I have to say that Sun takes security seriously. It makes sense, I suppose. We sell software and hardware to help other companies make their own systems secure, so it makes sense to start right at home. The effort is impressive and works quite well.

I have a badge that will let me into buildings and a special card to access the VPN from anywhere. This I will be able to work on my computer in Santa Clara from my home in Atlanta for two months. Pretty cool. On top of this we have an intranet with access to virtually everything: the company address book, my 401k, healthcare, and even bus schedules. I'm quite impressed with how well it all works. They even have those smartcards that pull up your desktop into any computer as soon as you plug it in. I've been through several other companies with horrible systems that never worked well (including a certain wellknown cellphone provider). It's good to see that the technology can work if you do it right, and that security is front and center. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. :)

Okay, so back to work. If you've been following my blog you know that I have just joined the Swing team at Sun. I am replacing another Josh so perhaps no one will notice. :) The team is made up of a lot of good engineers with a lot of great ideas. We had our first big meeting a few days ago and I'm starting to get settled in. Looks like I'll start by fixing lots of bugs as we make our way towards the beta of Mustang. Seems like just yesterday when Tiger came out. I think I'll like having a short release schedule, even if it makes my job harder. The important thing is I can get fixes out to Swing developers faster. And we've got lots of cool stuff coming, so stay tuned.

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Posted March 13th, 2005