Quick Tip for OSX Users

If you are like me you have broken finger bindings. Probably from years of bash use or maybe you just have to switch platforms all the time. Since finger bindings are difficult to change this little utility will change the key bindings instead.

Okay, so this isn't a Java tip, but it's useful nonetheless. If you are an OSX user, like me, then you may often run into the problem that the control, alt (option) and Open Apple (command) keys aren't where you think they should be. Maybe you are using a Windows keyboard with your iBook (like me). Maybe you have Emacs hard-wired into your brain and the control key should be closer. Whatever the reason, you need to remap a few keys. OSX doesn't come with a control panel to do this, but I recently found a little GPLed plugin that does it.

Double Command (so named because it lets you have two command keys on your powerbook), has the ability to remap lots of useful keys on your Mac.

Your highly recommended utility of the day. Isn't open source grand! :)

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Posted March 31st, 2005

Tagged: java.net