Why don't you ship Swing apps?

Time and time again I hear that there are no Swing apps (or no good swing apps). We can come up with lots of excuses and explanations but that doesn't get us any closer to having more Swing apps. So I'd simply like to ask all of you. Starting with the assumption that all of you are Java developers in some fashion or another, but not necesarily Swing developers, I want to ask you:

What is keeping you from shipping a Swing application (or a desktop java app in general)

  • Is it making sure the user has the JRE / right version of the JRE?
  • Is it that your Swing apps are too slow or clunky?
  • Is it that you don't know how to write Swing? Are you more familar with webapps?
  • Is there some crucial feature missing in Swing that forces you to go with another technology (.NET, Flash, native app?)
  • Something else I've completely missed?

I really want to know. I have my ideas but there is no substitute for hearing directly from the developers in the field building (and shipping) real apps.

Thanks, - Josh

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Posted March 31st, 2005

Tagged: java.net