JavaOne: Day One

Watching the keynote. Nice to see a reference to Morgan and Edison. We often forget our technology roots.

Note to Moscone. You need about 4.8 billion more power plugs scattered around the convention center. Everyone here has a laptop and they need juice! (Insert conspiracy theory about Tesla's wireless power technology being squashed by Big Coal).

Working at the SwingLabs / JDNC Booth

People are really excited about JDNC, our opensource extended Swing components. Our new demo app looks great (thanks to all the JDNCers for helping to make that happen on such a short timeframe), and we've been able to show of Joplin (our new music player) a little bit too. Very impressive stuff. The biggest thing I've gotten from talking to attendees is that they like the fact they can get it now. The new stuff in Mustang is great, but they want new components they can put into their applications and ship now. This is a really powerful thing for them. Looks like we've got to get 1.0 out ASAP.

Working at the SwingLabs / JDIC Booth

George has been working really hard on JDIC and it's paid off. People are amazed to see a real native instance of Mozilla running inside of a Swing app. The two things people seem to want to do is show generated reports and hook into legacy web-apps. I'm interested to see what other things people will do with the technology.

Session Prep

Chris and I met to go over our session, fix up the demos, and do our technical rehearsal in the room where we will be presenting. It's, um, a bit larger than I realized. We could have somewhere in the neighborhood of 500+ people seeing the talk. I'm a bit nervous, but after going over our material I feel better about it. If you are interested in desktop Java and are free at 4:00 tomorrow, then be sure to come see us in room 135 E. We will also be doing a book signing at the O'Reilly booth at 12:30 tomorrow. for those of you who aren't here we will get the presentation and source code up on the web as soon as we can.

JavaDoc BOF

This was an interesting one. Javadocs are, quite frankly, boring. It's a tool that does it's job well but has only received minor updates since it was invented (mainly to support new language features). JSR 260 is a big update that will introduce a lot of new features, especially categories and views. I was surprised to see how full it was. Apparently a lot of people care about documentation and making it better. I have my own set of ideas for improving Javadocs, but it's good to hear other ideas. Some of the cool ideas from other attendees include generating javadocs directly from source on the fly (in the IDE) instead of shipping static html with the source; validating the html docs authors type into the code, using CSS to style the docs instead of HTML layout, provide hooks for your IDE to show you only

My car!

As I already knew, San Francisco is no place for a car. The garage where I parked my car closed at 9:00. I discovered this at around 11:30! D'oh!. Fortunately I could take the F street car down to my cousin's house to spend the night. Unfortunately all of my clothing was still in my car. After making my way to bed, I hopped into the shower, on to F, headed back to Moscone to retrieve my car and get the day started. Sadly this means I missed the keynote, but at least I'm ready for Day 2.

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Posted June 28th, 2005