Swing Hacks Bonus Article

Time stands still for no man. Technology even less so. The world moves on and we have to adapt.

When Chris and I started writing Swing Hacks it represented the most advanced Swing techniques that we knew at the time. That was almost a year ago, though, and the world has moved on. Java 1.5 has become mainstream (on Windows at least), we've had a successful Desktop track at Java One, and I've joined the Swing team at Sun.

As we were writing the book (and in the months since then) we learned lots of new things, some of which didn't make it into the book for space or time reasons. I've collected some of this new material into an article called Hacking Swing with Undocumented Classes and Properties containing lots of little undocumented features we've discovered over the years.

I was especially disappointed that I didn't get my favorite hack, transparent frames on Mac OS X, into the book so I made sure to include that here. This is my first article for OnJava.com so be sure let me (and O'Reilly) know what you think.

Thanks - Josh

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Posted August 12th, 2005

Tagged: java.net