My Mustang Beta Thoughts

By now you've probably all read

one of a slew of

blogs that discuss the new Mustang beta available here . But of course this is old news because you've already been downloading the weekly builds from here right? :)

Okay, enough of the linkage.

As a relatively new member of the Swing team I don't have much to add, but I will say that we've put a lot of improvements into the the Windows Look and Feel, including using the official XP themeing API (we used the XP themes before but not through the then undocumented API). I still have the ability to get more fixes into Mustang, so go try it out and tell me what's still broken. File your bugs and send in your fixes.

Oh, and please, please don't send in a regression for this bug again. :) It's a very visible but that I've been working on it for months now and finally have a fix in hand. Expect to see it soon.

Thanks! Josh

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Posted February 21st, 2006