Swing Hacks goes East

I'm always amazed by how big the Java ecosystem is. It really is a global community. When Chris and I wrote Swing Hacks we did it out of love for Swing, not to sell a lot of copies or make a lot of money. I'm always amazed when someone will pay for something I've written. When we hit an Amazon score of under 1000 (for a couple of hours anyway) I was bowled over.

Well today I'm amazed again. One of my co-workers from Japan, Yuka Kamiya, just told me that the Japanese translation of Swing Hacks is coming out this week. She blogged about it here, and while I can't read any japanese I'm pretty excited. Yuka said that translations into japanese are often done poorly, but O'Reilly's translators really did a good job with this one; which makes me very happy.

So to all of our readers in Japan: Chris and I will be at JavaOne again this year so if you are going to be attending please bring your copy of the book and we'll sign it. Cheers to the global Java community!

In other news I got an email from Amazon suggesting a book I might like. I guess it's true I really did write it for myself! :)


I hope to see you all at JavaOne!

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Posted April 26th, 2006

Tagged: java.net