Aerith: live from the floor

I'm sitting in the audience watching Tuesday's keynote where Romain Guy and Richard Bair are on stage showing the new Swing demo we built called Aerith. It's a roadtrip slideshow builder that combines Google Maps, Flickr, and Yahoo Geocode to let you make your own slideshow of photos you took on your trip. Once you are doing setting up the slideshow you can share the trip with your friends as an applet.

Aerith really shows off the power of Swing, Java2D, and JOGL when you combine it with webservices and applets. With Desktop Java you can do things you couldn't ever do in AJAX. And most importantly, it looks great!

We will have the code up soon and parts of it will be going into SwingLabs, but you can see the screenshots and join the mailing list today at:

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Posted May 16th, 2006