Aerith Updates and the End of Java One 2006

I just arrived home after a both grueling and exciting week of JavaOne. I'm taking the next two weeks off, though I will be blogging a bit and answering the occasional emails. Don't be surprised if I'm a bit slow to respond though as I'll be in Oregon most of the time sipping coffee and enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

Once things settle down I'll have a bunch more blogs with photos, interesting things we learned at the conference, and discussions about the effects we did in Aerith; as will Rich and Romain. In fact, Romain just posted an FAQ which should answer all of your immediate questions. Essentially: yes we will release the code (all of it that we can, anyway) but it'll take a bit of time. This was a demo that combined a lot of different cutting edge technologies and we worked right up till the end. We'll need some time to clean up the code.

Oh, and there's a video of the keynote up already (Real Player, alas). Go to about minute 20 for the Aerith demo.

Oh, and I've got a couple of good articles in the pipeline that you'll see this coming week or next, so look out for those.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go sleep for a couple of weeks. :)

update: fixed typo in title. must sleep!

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Posted May 19th, 2006