Aerith Code is Go!

It look more work than expected (doesn't everything?) but at long last we have released the source code to Aerith, our killer 2d/3d/webservices mashup demo that we showed at the JavaOne 2006 keynote, and later in the SwingLabs booth and at the Apple BoF. The response to the demo was very positive so we made a commitment to release the code ASAP. Finally that day has arrived and it's today. Go download the code at the new Aerith homepage.

Aerith is available under the BSD license to give you maximum freedom to learn from the code and pull parts of it into your own applications. The mapping component has been moved into SwingLabs and will become part of new as-yet-unnamed webservices components project. I'll have more details on the mapping component in an upcoming blog (and when you look at the maps in the demo you'll have a surprise ;)

A word of warning. Aerith requires a fast machine and a recent copy of Mustang. This is to support the 2d/3d integration that was a key component of the demo. Also, the code is rather crufty and not all parts may work. If you'd like to fix some of these bugs please download the code and get involved on the mailing list. This is a demo, not a real product, so we can't spend much time polishing it, but we always welcome outside contributions.

I'm excited to finally have the source code to a JavaOne demo available. We often put many long days and nights into these demos so it's nice to be able to share them with others. Enjoy and please let us know what you think.

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Posted June 28th, 2006