Source to the Magnifying Glass Hack

In response to my Meet the Engineer interview on a reader asked for the source to my magnifying glass component (originally detailed in this blog). I haven't given it out because it was meant to be part of a larger framework for managing the glasspane and implementing other cool hacks. Alas I have simply not had the time. Java 6 and Java 5 updates combined with my SwingLabs and community work simply have taken up all of my available resources.

It can be tough sometimes, to admit with I can't do something; but I would rather admit I don't have the time for this rather than have the code rot on my harddrive. So, here it is:

The source to the Magnifying Glass hack and the beginnings of a glasspane manager.

Please dig into the code and let me know if you find anything useful. If anyone is interested in turning this into a full fledged glasspane framework for SwingLabs then please let me know. We'll get you set up ASAP.

Okay, back to work now.

Thanks! - Josh

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Posted September 11th, 2006