Free Projects Part 2: the Stacked Image Editor

The Stacked Image Editor

The Stacked Image Editor is a little program I wrote and posted on my blog a year and a half ago. It is used to draw a certain kind of diagram very easily. In this case, I had a need to show something composed of layers, with each layer broken out visually so you could see how they stacked. I was learning more about how the hardware accelerated affine transforms worked at the time so it seemed like a good example app. You just add images as layers. The app will draw them sheared on an angle with transparency so you can see each layer distinctly. Once you've tweaked all of the settings you can save the whole thing out to an image.

The Stacked Image Editor in action

The application runs and works, though undoubtedly with many bugs (I recall some cropping issues with the generated PNG). As with the previous app, I built this program on top of an early proprietary application framework which has been superceeded by JSR 296. It should be pretty easy to replace.

future features

I'd like to see it support more output formats and visual tweaking options. And of course redo the interface using Matisse. I'd also be nice if you could drag and drop an image on to the app rather than using the 'add' button. Positioning of the images would be good too.

So that's the app. Let me know if you want it.

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Posted November 27th, 2006