My Java One Talks

Just a quick post as I'm rushing to be ready for the Java Posse Roundup conference next week.

When Chris, our eloquent editor, mentioned that the JavaOne 2007 acceptance and rejection letters have gone now I realized that I hadn't blogged about it.

Yes it's true, a BoF for my secret project that I've been working on with Robert Cooper has been accepted, so if you don't make it to the Java Posse Roundup next week where we officially release it then try to come to JavaOne or just keep checking my blog for more details.

So that's the big one, but what about my other talks? Every year I submit about 5 and only one or two get in; and this year is no exception. My talk on using Flying Saucer to easily generate PDFs was not accepted, alas, so I think I'll have to write an article on that at some point. Also my Painters talk was not accepted, so I will probably contribute some content to the Extreme GUI Makeover or SwingLabs sessions. (though I may not need to as Painters are a heavy supporter of my secret project).

Finally, my other talk which did get in is JSR 296 with Hans Muller. We will show how JSR 296, the Swing Application framework, functions and how you can use the new features in NetBeans 6 to make your life a lot easier. My goal by the end of the talk is to show you how you can build an entire deployed rich client application in under 60 seconds. Hans says I can't do it. I guess we'll see!

Also be sure to come see me at NetBeans Day (the day before JavaOne starts) where we will be showing off lots of cool new NetBeans 6 features. NetBeans day also has the advantage of being slightly cheaper than JavaOne (as in completely free!)

Oh, and some quick teaser screenshots. Big stuff is coming!

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Posted March 3rd, 2007