AB5k: our all Java widget system is released

I'm attending the Java Posse Roundup right now and won't have a chance to post in detail about this until next week, but since the news is out I wanted to make sure I let you all know what's up.

Robert Cooper and I have been working on a secret project for the last few months called AB5k. It's a widget/gadget container built entirely in Java 6 letting you run widgets on any operating system.

You can try out AB5k using webstart from our website at:


At www.ab5k.org you'll find the widget container, a few extra widgets (6 are pre-installed) and follow the links to get the code and join the development group. If you will be attending JavaOne you can see it in action at my AB5k BoF session!

Currently we don't have a developers guide, tutorials, or even screenshots because we are busy fixing bugs and adding new features. Next week I'll talk in detail about how it works and why we think you'll like it. But for the time being please try it out and let us know what you think.



We've been mentioned on Artima.

We've just pushed up a bunch of bug fixes. Please read the details on our AB5k blog. We'll post most news about AB5k there so please subscribe to it.

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Posted March 7th, 2007

Tagged: java.net