Beans binding rocks!

I was working on one of our NetBeans demos for Monday's Matisse session and it occurred to me. I was actually having fun putting together a little program! I grabbed some of our cool little beans from SwingLabs then wired them up to some text fields using zero code. Just binding expressions created visually using NetBeans M9. It was really easy and kinda fun. Beans binding makes the beans we've assembled in SwingX-WS in particular a whole lot more useful.

I'm starting to think that we may just have something here with the Beans Binding and Swing App Framework JSRs. They really are going to make building Swing apps a lot more enjoyable. And the demo we are pulling together will show you how to do some pretty powerful stuff with almost no code. I think you'll really enjoy it.

Okay, back to coding up demos.

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Posted May 3rd, 2007