JavaOne: Another One is Done

It's Friday morning and I'm watching the James Gosling keynote from the bean bags in front of the big screen. I'd say this was the most exciting JavaOne I've ever been too. We really saw desktop Java in full force. Perhaps we shouldn't call it desktop anymore, since a form of Java SE is going to be available on phones and other non-desktop computers. So really this was the JavaOne for client Java. Since I've spent most of my professional career pushing the limits of desktop Java I'm very excited about the possibilities of doing cool things on phones and TVs.

So that's the overview. I'll leave it up to the many great bloggers here to give you their take on JavaOne and all of the sessions. I'll give you a quick at what I did before I drive home and sleep for the next few weeks.

Swing Application Framework: JSR 296

The biggest surprise for me in our Swing App Framework session was the incredible attendance. Our room held 500+ people and it was completely full. People were milling around in the back looking for seats. This tells me that quality Swing applications really are important to a lot of people.

The talk went pretty well. Everyone laughed at our bad jokes and the live Flickr demo was a big hit. It's always fun to type in random words on stage and see what bubbles up out of Flickr. We will have the code for the demo as well as screencasts in a place where you can download them soon.

AB5k / Glossitope BoF

So we had a few glitches with our website, including having to completely rebuild the site yesterday morning. Since we think a lot of people have trouble registering on the website we have decided to have another contest soon, giving everyone an opportunity to compete. More details coming soon.

The session went well, I think. We have 35 people, which is pretty good considering we were in at 10PM on the last day of the conference, opposite the After Dark party with free beer and battle bots. We had a few glitches with the projector and audio but overall we were well received. Everyone loved the comic book jokes on the slides as well as our unique brand of humor. I'll have a link to presentation soon. In the mean time you can see our video here.

Your Moment of Zen

And speaking of our video. It was shown on the big board here in front of the bean bag chairs. How cool is that?!



Until next time, keep on Swingin'.

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Posted May 11th, 2007