Want to get paid to work Flying Saucer?

It's not often that I see offers to pay someone to do a contract job on an open source project, with all of the code contributed back to the project. I know lots of people who work on particular projects full time as part of their job (myself, for example), but rarely do I see a direct offer of payment to have someone implement a particular feature. Perhaps the fact that I've never seen it on my projects means that my projects are perfect! :)

I have to say, though, when there is such an offer it's pretty damn cool. Someone gets the feature they need. Someone else gets paid. And the open source community benefits. It's all that and a bag of chips.

So in this case, there is an offer on the Flying Saucer mailing list to embed Flash SWF files into a PDF document produced by FS. This doesn't mean displaying the Flash file, just embedding using a particular PDF extension so that Acrobat can read it. If you are interested there are more details available on this mailing list thread.

Thanks everyone for keeping the Saucer flyin'

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Posted August 1st, 2007

Tagged: java.net