Back from Australia

Okay, so I've actually been back for several weeks, but JavaOne stuff has kept me super busy.

I had a simply awesome time in Syndey. It's really a great city to visit. Very clean and friendly. And some truly excellent coffee. If you ever go be sure to order a flat white.

I was in Australia for the Sydney Tech Days, speaking on JavaFX. While there I also gave a short presentation on Dynamic Languages for the JVM to several local universities. My focus was on Ruby, JavaScript, Groovy, and JavaFX Script. I specifically left out Jython because it was not being supported very well and looked like it might die. Of course, literally a day after I said this Sun announced that we are hiring two of the main Jython guys and it will be very well supported from now on. So I'm already out of date. Such is the life of a traveler.

While in Sydney I also did an interview with David Coldrick on JavaFX and the state of desktop Java. You can see my interview at Youtube below or watch the super high-res version here

Oh, and enjoy a few photos from the zoo and aquarium.
Joshua Marinacci's Sydney 2008 photoset Joshua Marinacci's Sydney 2008 photoset

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Posted April 5th, 2008