JavaOne is like Christmas

You may be wondering why I haven't blogged recently, or why some of the JavaFX lists have died down, or more generally just what the heck we are all doing these days. Well, there's something you need to understand:

JavaOne is like Christmas

I do not mean 'like Christmas' in the kid sense of 'waking up and going downstairs to open presents'. Well, it is, but that's for you guys who watch or attend JavaOne. I mean JavaOne is 'like Christmas' in the sense of rushing around for two months before the big day. We plan, shop, wrap, prepare, cook, and travel in our mad but exciting efforts to put together a great event for you (even if you won't be there in person).

We have some really cool stuff in store. I just spent a few days down in LA with Chris Oliver and Ant working on some really great demos. Then there's articles, tutorials, samples, and much much more. Oh, and I have to finish my slides in there somewhere. The days before JavaOne are truly a colossal effort, but it's worth it when the big week arrives.

So when someone asks where we all are I'll just say: getting ready for Christmas.

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Posted April 19th, 2008