JavaFX bleg

The initial JavaFX Preview SDK release has gone pretty well. There were a few snafus and broken links, but overall it has gone pretty smoothly for a first preview release. As we plan our next steps I thought I'd ask you all a question. In fact, I'm going to abuse the great power of my blog (2-3 power, to be exact) by begging. So this is a blog beg, or bleg: what samples do you want to see?

If you've downloaded the SDK already what would you like to build but don't know how to? If you haven't downloaded the SDK what sample would inspire you to try it out? If you've already started building an app, what problems you encountered? What could you use help with? Deployment? Media? Animation? Browser integration?

At the end of the day we are making this SDK so that you guys will build interesting applications. What samples can I build to help you do that?

Thanks. Bleg-off.

- Josh


I will be in an upcoming Ask the Experts session on JavaFX. On August 18th you'll be able to post questions at the link above for me, Martin Brehovsky, and Larry McDonough.

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Posted August 5th, 2008