JavaFX in Sweden

I have been extremely remiss in my blog posting. A quick glance at says that my last post was August 26th. Well, my only excuse is that I've been mad busy working on the JavaFX SDK. Launching a new platform is a big deal, with many tiny details to be taken care of. I'm heading up the samples and demos effort to make sure we have lots of great sample code for you to learn from. As you can imagine that's taken pretty much all of my time. It'll be over soon, though. The end of fall approaches. :) And once we release the SDK I'll have tons of things to post about (after a much desired vacation).

In the meantime, I will be speaking about JavaFX at the OreDev conference in Malmo, Sweden next week (November 17th-21st). I'll cover some of the cool things you will see in the final JavaFX SDK like video, animation, and some amusing browser tricks; so if you are nearby in Europe be sure to attend. Oh, and of course you are free to see other speakers as well. :)


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Posted November 9th, 2008