The Final Countdown

Why do I have a bad 80s song in my head.

I'm in the Austin airport awaiting my flight back home while busily making last minute tweaks to the website. The website I'm working on, of course, is the new; which will be launched with the JavaFX 1.0 release tomorrow. Almost there...

I came to Austin Texas yesterday as the guest speaker for the Austin Java Users Group's annual Christmas party. I gave them an in-depth sneak preview of tomorrow's release and received a great response. I was told this is the highest attendance they've ever had for a meeting, so that feels pretty good. My exhausting travel isn't over yet. Sweden two weeks ago. Austin this week. Then Belgium next week. After it's all over I think I'll finally take a vacation.

As I'm waiting here in the airport I'm taking the time to look at the big picture. I've been on the JavaFX team for the last year and a half and I must say that it feels really good to finally be able to share with the world what we've been working on. Did every feature make it in? Of course not. Is it completely bug free? No way. But it's very good and very useful. And most importantly, this is just the first release. This is day one of a new application platform built on the mature Java stack, but with new features and new powers (like super-powers, but for code. :) We have lots more planned for future releases, which may come sooner than you think, but for now check out what you can do today. Oh, and we snuck a few features into this release that you might not have been expecting.

So enjoy the evening. Tomorrow: go download the SDK from And if you happen to be in the bay area stop by the release party in SF. Sadly I'll miss it because I'll be packing for my trip to Devoxx in Belgium, but have a drink in my honor.

This is just the beginning.

- Josh

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Posted December 3rd, 2008