Goodbye Mr A

First I'd like to thank The Hoosiers; a British band who, for reasons inscrutable to man, formed in the American midwest.

So. After a year and a half of sweat and hard work JavaFX 1.0 is here. (Don't worry the next release will be here far, far sooner). Apparently the world was so eager to see JavaFX that it completely overloaded our server. We've got new stuff set up, though, so we should be good to go. My latest post on the JavaFX blog contains all the details, so I'll just point you there. And more importantly, I urge you to head over to, now completely redesigned to be cruft free and highly educational.

We've had a team working very hard on samples and demos. Not only do these samples serve as tests of our tools and runtime, but they are also documented examples for you to learn, with complete downloadable source code under the BSD license. And by the way, though you may see my name on a bunch of the samples, I most certainly did not write them all by myself. Nor did I repair the cloning machine so that massively-parallel-Josh could write them all. This has been an incredible effort by lots developers and designers within Sun, many of whom donated their valuable spare time and imagination to create cool samples; complete with documentation, graphics, and full source. My sincere thanks to all of you who really pushed the boundary to create a great set of samples at launch; and especially Jasmin our PM who wrangled the whole thing together. Oh, and to our readers out there: we've got a bunch more samples that you haven't even seen yet! Stay tuned.

So now, please: Go Download, learn, and code!

Oh, and regarding Linux and Solaris support, please see my other post here. We are working very hard on it.

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Posted December 4th, 2008