Introducing the JFXStudio

Today I'm pleased to announce a new experimental site a few of us have been working on called the JFXStudio ( It's a site specifically for sharing your JavaFX creations. The JFXStudio is not meant to be an app-of-the-day kind of site, or a showcase for polished apps. It's a place where you can show off your doodles and works in progress. And it's a place where you can get great feedback on your JavaFX creations. Think of it as a Flickr or DeviantArt for JavaFX instead of images. Go check it out at We've pre-seeded the site with creations from 6 prominent JavaFX bloggers (like the one below) and we can't wait to have more submissions.

Visualizing Sub-Prime Losses, by Chui Tey

The JFXStudio is a community driven site that is starting small but will grow over time. It is currently hosted on, which is technically limited (no applets or javascript are allowed), but we plan to move it to a better content management system in the future as the site grows. (and we would love recommendations on CMSes to use).

So please check out the site, then share some of your own JavaFX creations.

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Posted February 15th, 2009