2009: a year closes

You might be wondering where I've been the past few months. JavaFX and Java Store work has definitely heated up, which has taken up the bulk of my time. I've also been working on Project Maitai, a tool for reactive visual artwork, as well as traveling to Sweden to speak at OreDev.

Now that the Oracle acquisition has received approval (or at least been approved to receive approval), I'm hoping that things will move ahead quickly and we can all get back to writing great software.


I've been playing with JavaFX 1.3 and I have to say it's great. Even with the new graphics stack and compiler disabled, existing apps will visibly feel faster. And of course having more controls to play with will be great. 2010 looks good for JavaFX.

Java Store

The Java Store has been going very well. I've settled into a cadence of pushing out a new release about every two months. I'm finish up my work on the next release soon and I think you'll really like it. Payment is enabled for US customers and developers, so now you can make real money from your apps in the store. Go submit your apps now.


In the general world of technology and user interfaces I predict that 2010 is going to be a great year. The US is easing out of the recession, a lot of great, new, products are primed to hit mainstream.

I've written up all of my predictions on my design blog: Josh On Design.

Have a happy Twenty Ten. No more naughties.

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Posted January 4th, 2010

Tagged: java.net