April Resolution: Post Smaller and Faster

When I started this blog I had hoped to post once or twice a week. If you're one of my few remaining readers you know that this hasn't happened. My new position at Palm has kept me so busy that I haven't had time to work on the big long educational posts like Typography 101. I've also been debating if I should have any Palm or JavaScript specific content, or just keep this as a pure design blog.

So... I've come to a resolution: it's my blog and it represents me; all of the facets of my professional life. I'm going to just blog away on all topics, keep the posting flow higher, and not put off things until they are perfect. They never will be. I'll deal.

So.. look for a lot more posting from now on. I'll be sure to tag everything appropriately so you can easily filter out Palm, Java, trip reports, or anything else you desire. Thank you, gentle readers.

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Posted April 8th, 2010

Tagged: personal