Palm Developer Day and OSCON

A big part of my new job at Palm is education, in the form of tutorials, blogs, and of course speaking at conferences. Two new speaking engagements have recently come up. Palm Developer Day and OSCON.

Palm Developer Day

This month I'll be doing the day long Introduction to WebOS session. In this session I'll take you from zero to 60 in about five hours, giving you everything you need to know to make great apps for the webOS. This Developer Day is now sold out,(we've expanded. see below) but we are planning to do it again later this year after we work out the kinks. We also plan to video record the sessions and put them on the web. Stay tuned for more details.


I thought we were sold out for the Palm Dev Day, I've just heard that we have expanded the capacity and reopened registration. Space is going fast, so sign up now!


Yes, I'll be at O'Reilly's Open Source Convention again this summer. In addition to attending (a scant 2 hours from my house this time!) I'll also be speaking on Marketing your Open Source Project on a Shoestring Budget. I'll discuss different ways you can get the word out without breaking your budget, and throw in a few case studies.

If you've never been to OSCON before and live in the Pacific NorthWest I highly recommend attending. It's a great opportunity to get out of your particular technology bubble and experience what the rest of the tech world has to offer. I went two years ago and learned about Jython, Arduino, Trac, an extreme unit testing; all worlds away from my usual Java / JavaFX background.

The conference is July 19th-23rd, and I'll be speaking Friday morning. If you make it here be sure to let me know so I can buy you a beer. (Oh yeah, Portland has some of the best microbrews in the country).

A splendid time is guaranteed for all!

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Posted April 12th, 2010