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I'd like to ask my dedicated readership a very big favor. I'm starting a podcast with my friend Robert Cooper. The challenge is determining the direction. In a lot of the fields we are familiar with there are already some great podcasts (like the Java Posse). We can't decide if it should be programming centric, cover technology issues, or discuss things that are more future oriented (driving cars, space travel, etc.).

So we'd like your help. We recorded three different podcasts with different topics. If you can spare the time to listen to them we'd love to get your feedback. You can email me at joshua at marinacci dot org.

A warning, these are very rough. I've barely edited them, haven't added music and credits, or trimmed them. For the final podcast we are targeting 30 minutes. Anything longer feels like something no one would listen to.

Thanks!   - Josh

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Posted May 22nd, 2010

Tagged: podcast