Next Beta of Leonardo is up

Most of of my free time work for the past few months has gone into Amino, the UI toolkit that Leonardo is built on, but Leo itself has gotten a few improvements as well. I'm happy to announce that the next beta of Leo is up, including:

  • Amino gives us a more uniform look and feel, now skinnable with CSS
  • Rulers!
  • The Make a Wish Button, now the easiest way to send feedback.
  • the canvas properly scrolls and zooms with real scrollbars now
  • Under the "Path" menu you can now add, subtract, and intersect shapes.
  • export to PDF
  • actual unit tests for exporting to SVG & PNG, almost every kind of shape is supported now
  • Tons of bug fixes

Unfortunately, as part of the Amino toolkit overhaul certain things have gotten slower. In particular doing layout when you resize the window is significantly slower. Don't worry, I have lots of speed improvements coming to Amino which will address this in Leo.

As always, please test and file bug reports. The export filters in particular are probably still have bugs to fix.

Builds are here:

Talk to me about it on Twitter

Posted October 12th, 2010

Tagged: programming