Leonardo Beta 2 is Not a Witch

When you go to the polls today shouldn't you make sure you have the support of a drawing program that will fight for your interests in Washington?

Other applications receive the majority of their funds from "Special Interests" like the Association to Flash America and Acrobats for a Longer Download. They've voted with "Big Drawing" over 108% of the time, and they pass the buck on to you, the hard working tax payer.

Don't you deserve a drawing application created by "The People and for the People"? Leonardo Beta 2 improves layout speed by up to 50%, and adds "Export to HTML Canvas" so that your drawings won't be locked into their file formats.

Voice your opinion now by downloading Leonardo Release 1, Beta 2.

This message was written and paid for by Patriot Kittens for a Truthy America and Freed Drawings from Planet Earth

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Posted November 3rd, 2010

Tagged: java.net