Below is a screenshot of a debugging app I've been working on called SideHatch. It essentially lets you open up your Amino app from the side and poke around at the innards.

In the screenshot you can see the two main tools: the Translator and the Inspector. The Translator shows all strings in your application that have been translated, broken down by category and locale. From here you can update translations and switch locales on the fly. The app will automatically refresh itself to show the changes without a restart.

The Inspector puts an overlay into every window showing the bounds of every control in your scene. Then you can move the mouse around to get info on particular components, like it's dimensions and translation. In the screenshot the indicator is telling me that the button I've hovered over doesn't have a translation yet.

SideHatch is currently in the 'translation' branch of the repo if you are interested in playing with it.

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Posted December 1st, 2010

Tagged: code