Week One

Jesse is one week old today. An amazing week it has been.

In general I don't post personal things to this blog. A few years ago I consciously decided to keep personal communication on Facebook and restrict my professional online life to this blog and Twitter. That's why I'll ignore FaceBook friend requests from people I don't regularly know in real life and limit search/info/photo access to friends of friends.  However, I'm making an exception today for one simple reason: having a child is life changing, both personal and professional.

I'm currently on vacation for two weeks to spend time with my new son, and it's true.  My life is changing. I know it sounds cliche, but we have cliches for a reason. That a child would change my life is something I always knew, but didn't understand until now. As I Tweeted a few days ago: now that I've spent hours up all night coaxing a fussy baby to sleep, I finally feel like a father. Life will never be the same again.

That doesn't mean I won't be the GUI nerd I've always been; I'll just focus on different things. For obvious reasons my interest has focused on ebooks and games, especially apps targeted at young children.  I've been involved in the development of the TouchPad for close to a year, and I know the potential of tablet technology to revolutionize how we teach, train, and entertain children.  We have so many great apps prepping for launch, I really couldn't be happier.  I think you'll be happy too.

That's all for today's lazy Sunday post. Time to wake Jesse up for lunch and clean the house (it's amazing how messy a house can get with a baby around).

Welcome to the world Jesse. We've got great stuff to show you.

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Posted June 5th, 2011

Tagged: personal