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I'm very excited to announce that two of my presentations have been accepted to OSCON this year (thankfully back in Portland again). OSCON is one of my favorite conferences because I get to learn as well as teach. There is such a diverse set of topics that I try to get out of my comfort zone and learn something new every year. (One year it was an intro to Arduino). OSCON will be this July 25th-29th in Portland Oregon. And let me tell you: Portland in July is simply beautiful, with the best microbrews in the country.

The first talk is actually in the new OSCON Java conference, running adjacent to the main OSCON conf. My talk is Building Mobile Apps with Java on Non-Java Platforms using GWT and PhoneGap where you'll learn how to code up mobile apps (both web and installable) using pure Java. Even though Java isn't available on platforms like webOS and iOS, we will use the GWT cross compiler to produce native installable apps for those platforms.  Yes, one codebase and all platforms really is possible.

My other presentation is actually a 3 hour hands-on workshop I will be co-teaching with Dave Balmer called HTML 5 Canvas Deep Dive. Dave and I will give you a comprehensive overview of Canvas, including the fiddly bits like pixel effects and mobile optimization. I'm also happy to say that we will show of the HP TouchPad's kickass Canvas implementation. The folks in engineering have done great work over the past few months filling in missing features and nearly doubling the speed.

During OSCON I'll be tweeting at #oscon. Hit me up for drinks if you want to talk about canvas and the mobile web.

For a 20% off discount for any  OSCON package you can use the code Marinacci at this link.

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Posted June 17th, 2011

Tagged: travel