My final draft is done: Building Mobile Applications with Java

The book is done!

I am happy to announce that I have finished writing my new book for O'Reilly on GWT and PhoneGap. Well, not completely finished; my final draft is submitted but O'Reilly's talented team still has to work their technical magic to get it prepped for sale.

Oh yeah, and I got a cool animal as well!

The book is calledĀ Building Mobile Applications with Java. It will be about 70 pages long and be ready for purchase in March. The book shows you how to write code in Java, compile it into JavaScript with GWT, then bundle it up as an installable mobile app with PhoneGap. Since PhoneGap was recently donated to Apache the final title may use PhoneGap's new name: Cordova.

The book covers everything you need to get started with GWT and PhoneGap, including how to use the native SDKs for iOS, webOS, and Android. Then we dive into customizing the interface for mobile devices and using open source libraries to access device features. I also cover app UI design and optimization. Finally the book ends with a video game project where we use HTML Canvas to build a tilting physics game with a cartoon blob hero.

I am quite proud of the book though I often find the process of long form writing painful. The first 90% is super fun but the second 90% seems to take forever! I hope you enjoy the results. The book will soon be available for orderĀ on O'Reillys website and wherever ebooks are sold.


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Posted February 17th, 2012

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