AppBundler is now an independent project

Over the weekend I moved app bundler to its own project. It is now hosted on GitHub and has a real Ant task.

In brief, AppBundler is a small tool to turn your collection of jars into a native executable for Mac and Windows, as well as JNLPs and single jar apps. With the new ant task you just define a small XML file listing your jars and the main class, then make this call from ant:


That's it. Now that App Bundler is independent I'm looking for some help improving it. In particular I'd like to support native Linux executables (shellscripts? rpms? debs?), JavaFX apps, bundling native libs (partly working), and embedding a JRE with the app. If you are interested in helping please join the GitHub project.

App Bundler on GitHub

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Posted March 26th, 2012

Tagged: java