HTML Canvas Deep Dive: Updated and Free

This week at OSCON gave an updated version of my 3 hour Canvas tutorial. I think the session was well received. It was one of only a few tutorials that was completely sold out, 200 seats taken. But if you couldn't be one of those two hundred I don't want you to miss out.

I turned the content from last year's tutorial into an interactive eBook for the iPad and TouchPad. I did this partly to experiment with ebooks and partly to learn how to publish an app in the various stores. In thanks to my webOS fans I sold the TouchPad version for 99c while the iPad app costs 4.99$. It was a fun experiment but I have decided my real goal is not to make money, but rather to spread knowledge as widely as possible. So I have decided to make it all free as in beer and speech.

Yes, HTML Canvas Deep Dive is now 100% free

I have dropped the price of the existing apps to 0 (the TouchPad store may not yet reflect this). I have also published the book as a set of pages on the web so you can easily read and link to the book without installing an app. Note that the apps don't yet have the new content, just the webpage.

read it now

Even better, there is a bunch of new content I created for this year's OSCON. We now have new chapters on WebGL, WebAudio, and getUserMedia (webcam), as well as fixes for various existing chapters. Deep Dive is now over 20k word!

But, I need your help.

First, please spread the word about my book. I want it to be the definitive introduction to Canvas.

Second, I would love some help both with programming and design. I have created iOS and webOS versions of the book, but I need some help supporting Android, WinPhone / Win8RT, and PlayBook 2.0. I would also like some help from a web designer to improve the layout and font selection, especially on mobile devices.

Finally, please read the book and give me feedback. If you find spelling errors, code bugs, or an unclear description, please let me know. If you are interested in contributing new chapters I'd love that as well.

Working on this project has really been a labor of love. Thank you for your support.

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Posted July 17th, 2012

Tagged: canvas graphics