Crouching Tiger, Hidden Wires

How to Hide Wires in the Wall

If you are like me, and the fact that you are reading this suggests a certain kinship, then you have many electronic devices scattered around your house; each with their own wires for communication and power. Wires are wondrous. They form the basis of our information economy. Unfortunately, in a shared space like a living room, they are also atrociously ugly. For your consideration: my living room.

Okay. So that doesn't look quite so bad. However, here is what the couch is hiding.

Even worse.


My wife and I have been TV-less for several years, mostly watching Hulu on our laptops. When we re-designed the house after Jesse was born I decided it was time for a TV. We still watch Hulu and Netflix, but now streamed through a tiny Roku box.

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Posted August 27th, 2012

Tagged: physical electronics