Super Christmas Adventure

Much like a painter or musician, sometimes I an idea forms in my head and will not let me rest until it comes out. Usually such an idea is an algorithm or graphics demo, but this time it came in the form of a game; a game which will not quiet until born.

To that end I present to you: Budu Budu Tiki Mon's Super Christmas Adventure, an NES style RPG playable in your browser.

I've always been a fan of NES/SNES era RPGs, the Final Fantasy series in particular. Though fun to play they are also easily parodied due to common tropes through out the games. Each takes place in a different universe with different characters, but they always have a helper named Cid, a flying vehicle of some sort, ridiculous weapons, twisting plots, and backstabbing villans. As I said, ripe for parody. And what better genre of parody than Christmas Movies

Silly characters, a princess to save, amusing dialog, and great chiptunes (gratefully borrowed from 8bit peoples). This is just a prelude of a full game. SCA contains a small overworld, two villages, and a dungeon. If there is interest I'd love to turn it into a full game.

I want to stress that the prelude is in no way finished. The game engine is rife with bugs, some characters are missing dialog, and the graphics need further tweaks. There simply wasn't enough time to polish it before the holidays. Such is the life of a toddler father. Please tweet me any issues and I'll fix'em ASAP.

Have a Very Merry Christmas!

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Posted December 24th, 2012

Tagged: retro game demo