One Last Auction Update

One last update before the auction begins. I'm labeling everything and checking that all the devices charge. No bum-devices here. I can't vouch for the never been opened vintage PalmOS devices but everything that is open will charge.

New Items

I've received a few more items. Another 32GB ATT TouchPad, including a TouchStone charger. Plus some one of a kind Palm and HP Tshirts that were given out to staff for the original TouchPad launch event. Oh, and webOS Nation sent us some rad coffee mugs. Even if you don't use a webOS device anymore you can still show your webOS pride. Many thanks to all of our donors.


A note on shipping. When you check out after the auction ends you should be able to include extra for shipping. It is 10$ for a single item, or 5$ if you get multiple items (I don't think anything is so big that it will cost too much more). If you live outside the US just mail me to work out exact postage.

We'll see you Sunday morning with the link to the auction to check out all the merch. Remember to join the mailing list so you get the link. Thanks again.

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Posted September 12th, 2013

Tagged: webos auction