The webOS Charity Auction is live

My name is Josh Marinacci. I used to be in the webOS Developer Relations team at Palm. I'm auctioning off all of my webOS devices and swag that I've collected over the years, including some very rare items, to help my brother in law fight cancer.

To catch you up: Kevin is my brother in law. He has been fighting stage four melanoma for the past two years. If you know anything about skin cancer then you know that to still be alive after 2 years is incredible. They long ago exhausted standard treatments so he and my sister have traveled around the country to every research program they can find. After some close calls over the summer Kevin had a very encouraging visit with researchers at UCLA. They have switched his medication to a combination of two experimental drugs which are shown to have fewer side effects and greater results. Soon he will be going on full time medical leave to let his immune system fully recover from the three previous treatments and spend time with their two little children. My wife and toddler are flying to Atlanta to see them in a few weeks, ready to help them start this next phase. You can follow their progress on their website.

This auction is part of our efforts to raise 10,000$ to help cover his loss of income when he quits his job. So far we've already raised 1800$, but there's a long way to go still. The auction just started. You can check out all the merchandise and start bidding at the 32 Auctions site.

the online auction

The auction will continue until Sunday, the 22nd at 6PM, pacific time. We've got over 40 items for sale, including some rare PalmOS devices, unique artwork, vintage T-Shirts, some great webOS devices, and even the unicorn device, a brand new Palm Foleo. I want to give special thanks to the many members of the webOS team who donated items from their personal collections for this auction. I also want to thank webOS Nations, the number one webOS community site, for donating eight snazzy coffee mugs.

To keep things simple shipping will be 10$/item or 5$/item if you get multiple items. Obviously it makes financial sense to buy at least two things. ;) When the auction ends please include your shipping address with your payment.

One final note. Thank you for signing up to this mailing list. It's been a really great way to keep in touch with people. As promised, the list will be destroyed after the auction ends.

Thanks, and good luck bidding. Sincerely Josh

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Posted September 16th, 2013

Tagged: webos auction