Gwen Has A Mission and She Needs Your Help

Our dear friend Gwen Fiedler is blessed with the gift to share the word of God, and now she needs your help.

Last year Gwen traveled to Scotland for missionary training, then went to the divided island of Cypress filled with refugees from places like Syria and Libya. It was an amazing and transformative experience for her as she helped refugees and shared the the Word of God.  You can read about it in her own words here:

Now, she has the opportunity to return to Scotland and train a new generation of missionaries, as well as receive new leadership training in the two year long World Changers program. To do this she need pledges of financial support. By pledging you would commit to donate a certain amount each month for two years.  We and several others have pledged but she needs just a little more to secure her place overseas.

If you choose to give, there are options to have the pledge automatically withdrawn from your account each month and a tax deduction statement sent to you at the end of the year, making it a very easy process.

If you feel moved to support this amazing woman on her mission to change the world, then please pledge what you are able. Gwen can tell you all about it.

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Posted February 15th, 2016