Everything must go!

I’m cleaning out my office and I have a ton of stuff, free to whoever wants to come pick it up. Everything that’s not gone by Sunday night will be taken to NextStep.

big stuff:

  • three DVI computer monitors
  • WinRT tablet
  • Nexus 7 something Android tablet
  • HP Stream 7 tablet (runs real Windows 10)
  • Vensmile tiny headless x86 windows computer
  • Chromecast, FireTV stick, HDMI dongle all unopened
  • Beaglebone
  • Intel Gallileo
  • Kinoma
  • other random arduinos and close
  • Random smaller stuff

  • external hard drives of varying age and quality
  • LCD monitor for a car/dash installation
  • iPhone TTL cable
  • Old Kindle
  • external keyboards and mice, some wireless
  • project boxes: unopened. aluminum, steel, plastic, etc. different sizes
  • lots of tiny plastic divided boxes and mini boxes
  • endless cables: USB, power, etc.
  • vintage Nikon SLR lenses
  • string of pre-wired Adafruit NeoPixels
  • iPod boom box (works/ with line-in as well)
  • sheets of plastic & particle board
  • webOS Touchstone docks
  • tons of other random stuff!

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    Posted July 16th, 2016

    Tagged: personal