I'm coming to New York and I want to speak for you!

I'm on a panel at the RealTime Web Solutions conference in NYC on the 3rd of August. I had planned to speak at some other events both those have fallen through. However, I'm still coming to New York, so now's your chance to meet me, pick my brain, or have me speak at your event/company/meetup for free. I'll be in NYC from the morning of Tuesday August 2nd, through the afternoon of Friday August 5th.

As the head of developer relations I can speak about PubNub's amazing Data Stream Network as well as general JavaScript and React JS topics. I've also done a lot of work recently with Raspberry Pi and Arduino

I've recently given talks on The History of Developer Evangelism and Building an MMOWAM: Massively Multiplayer Online Whack A Mole, and D3.js Dev Training: Building Live Data Charts, Graphs, Maps with EON but I'm open to other topics.

New York City is an amazing town. I'd also love to have someone show me around, meet for dinner/drinks/coffee, or visit the Natural History Museum (I can't believe I've never been).

If you are interested, shoot me an email.

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Posted July 21st, 2016

Tagged: travel speaking