Selling my Arduino Stuff

This post is for my friends who live in Oregon.

Hi guys. I’m switching careers and cleaning out my house. As part of our garage sale this Saturday I’m cleaning out my closet of Arduino stuff and other hacking supplies. Everything must go so I’m selling it cheap. ~80% off retail.

  • Adafruit shields, servo motors, stepper motors,
  • Arduino Due, Leonardo, MakeyMakey, DigiSpark, JeeNodes (wireless home automation), Xadow (for wearables), TinyLily,
  • 10 meters of aluminum extrusion with attachments, brackets, bearings and more.
  • Amp kits, proto-boards, tiny displays, resistors, 555 timers, op-amps
  • Linksys network camera. Apple Magic Trackpads, drones, Phillips Hue bulbs, and much, much more.

If you want to reserve something email me then pick it up at the pre-sale Friday eve. Everything un-sold will go to the general public sale Saturday morning. I’ve made a complete list here, including a link to the product description, plus my price vs retail. Please email me with your questions. I’m happy to provide details or reserve any item.

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Posted June 14th, 2017