Heading out for some MR fun

Holy carp, we've been busy.

If you don't know by now, I'm a member of the Mixed Reality team at Mozilla, and the past few months we've done a ton of releases. Not just our first beta of a browser built for VR, but our social project Hubs, tools for experimenting with Augmented Reality, building virtual worlds from modular components, exporting WebVR from Unity, and the A-Frame + SketchFab challenge. Oh, and we just got Firefox Reality running on the Oculus Go, less than a week after it shipped. Busy times, folks. Busy times.

So what's next? I'm on a flight to Chicago for an in-person work week with the whole team to figure out just that. We have so many great ideas around interaction, modeling the real world, geo location, low latency audio, and much much more. We need this week to whittle it down into a focused list that will do the most good for the MR ecosystem and the web in general.

I'm excited.

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Posted May 14th, 2018

Tagged: mixedreality