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If you havn't seen the news, 25% of Mozilla was laid off this week, including me, so I'm looking for a new job managing an engineering or developer relations team.

However, before I talk about future things, first I want to say thank you to my friends and co-workers at Mozilla. I really enjoyed my three years there, getting to help build the foundations of mixed reality across the web. I want to thank my direct reports in the Content Team who did fantastic work we are all proud of. I also want to thank the Hubs team who embraced me with open arms. And finally I want to thank Lars Bergstrom and David Bryant, the two best managers I’ve ever had in my career. They taught me the skills to become both an excellent engineer and a thoughtful manager. So thank you all.

I need a new job

I want to be an Engineering Manager for a small team (5-10 people) that makes and ships great software. I'd also like to manage a developer relations team. I live in Eugene Oregon and I’m 100% remote, but willing to travel (once travel becomes a thing again).

My background is 20+ years in the industry, working at giant companies like Nokia and HP, tiny startups like PubNub, and medium sized companies like Sun and Mozilla. I’ve worked across the C, Java, and Javascript ecosystems and smatterings of other things (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, OpenGL) but have spent the last 10 years focusing on the web-stack, most recently VR / AR / XR.

I’ve been both an engineer and developer evangelist, and now I like to lead small teams shipping great products, as well as coaching the team to become better engineers and designers. I’ve spent the last three years helping guide WebXR through the W3C standards committee, making demos and videos and blogs to teach WebXR, and leading teams to build products and tools on top of WebXR.

I find the VR / AR / XR space very interesting so if you have any contacts at a company doing VR/AR/XR, especially using the web stack, I’m very interested.

Email me: joshua@marinacci.org.

My full LinkedIn profile and job history.


And finally, if you have a contact at Mojang, my Minecraft loving 9yr old would be infinitely grateful. How can you tell this sweet face no? In the meantime, I'll be writing more open source code and scifi short stories.


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Posted August 13th, 2020

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